Prospect Webinar: Nature v Business?

Date: 8th July 2020

Is it going to be same old paradigm, or will the media adopt new frames for a changed world?

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A ‘new normal’ will need new paradigms, narratives and lenses to reflect what is happening. Will ‘jobs vs environment’ be a legitimate way to explore the challenge of rebuilding economies when, in reality, we don’t have a choice but to preserve the planet we inhabit?

Can we really decouple planetary health from economic recovery and present it as a choice – planet or people?

If we really are going to be and do different, we need to communicate in different ways. People and Planet; jobs and nature; growth and environment.

Prospect Magazine, supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK), will host a webinar discussion between editors and journalists with contributions from scientists, economists, and politicians.

The discussion will focus on the reality that a healthy functioning planet is essential for human survival yet is often pitted as an either/or in relation to economic growth. Is it time for the media to abandon old constructs and adopt new ones?

Two reports will be published in July. The first, The Future of Nature and Business, from the World Economic Forum identifies what system transitions are needed to move towards a nature-positive economy and how businesses can be part of the solution paving way for new opportunities.

The second is from the International Programme on the State of the Ocean IPSO It is a peer-reviewed scientific publication that examines the importance of accuracy in language and narrative and how this contributes to or distorts our understanding of planetary health and its connection to human wellbeing.

Speakers include:
– Tom Clark – Prospect
– Alan Rusbridger – Principal, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and Former Guardian Editor
– Caroline Lucas – MP for Brighton Pavilion
– Akanksha Khatri – WEF and report co-author
– Andrew Barnett – CEO, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK)
– Dan Laffoley – Marine Scientist, IPSO report author
– Natalie Nougayrede – The Guardian
– Duncan Weldon – The Economist
– Stephen Brown – Editor, Politico Europe
– Jessica Aldred – China Dialogue
– Torsten Thiele – LSE, Potsdam Institute and Founder-Global Ocean Trust
– Adrian Monck – WEF

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