Monthly Ocean Science Roundup – February 2021

Date: 3rd March 2021

This issue explores:

  • Heat stress destabilises symbiotic nutrient cycling in corals.
  • The soundscape of the Anthropocene ocean.
  • Optimal fishing effort benefits fisheries and conservation.

Welcome to the February 2021 issue of the OneOcean Science Mailout. 

This month we’re bringing you four recent publications around coral bleaching, the soundscape of the Anthropocene ocean, and the ecosystem effects of static fishing methods such as pot fishing.

We also wanted to tell you about a record-breaking amphipod – a microscopic, shrimplike crustacean – that can snap its claws faster than any organism on Earth. It’s one of the fastest repeatable movements in the animal kingdom, happening 10,000 times faster than the blink of a human eye, and one that practically defies the laws of physics!

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