Seas At Risk Webinar and Q&A Session

Date: 20th May 2021
Join Seas At Risk on Tuesday, May 25 at 3-4 pm CEST for a webinar – co-hosted with Sciaena – to present the new report “At a crossroads: Europe’s role in deep-sea mining“.

The report exposes the role played by the EU, its Member States, the UK and Norway in this final mining frontier and provides a comprehensive analysis of their existing policies on deep-sea mining. It makes the case for the EU and Member States to prohibit deep-sea mining in European waters and to push for a global moratorium, as well as to set strong binding targets for material footprint reduction, including a drastic reduction in primary metals use.

Opening remarks by Seas At Risk Executive Director Monica Verbeek will be followed by an overview of the report’s main conclusions and the state of play of deep-sea mining in Europe from co-author Joám Evans.

Ana Matias from Sciaena will then facilitate a panel focusing on three European countries, with Marie-Luise Abshagen (Forum Umwelt & Entwicklung, Germany), Ingegjerd Meyer (Naturvernforbundet, Norway) and Gonçalo Carvalho (Sciaena, Portugal).

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