Our Values

The OneOcean initiative shares information and data freely in support of ocean protection. We are committed to inclusivity and openness with opportunities for all participants to share the collective platform and raise specific ocean issues and concerns.

The initiative is collegial, respectful, inclusive and committed to non-violence.

We are all invested in the health of the whole ocean and support the core goals for ocean protection identified for the period.

The project was designed by a group of individuals within the marine campaigning space, who recognised the need for aligned action across the period in question and to make best use of key opportunities in the external world. They were informed by the work of a group of scientists and other experts convened to consider the major interventions needed to protect the ocean.

The project is funded by the David and Lucille Packard Foundation with in-kind support from guide NGOs and other partners. It is hosted by Communications Inc, which provides core support services.

All the work of the project is unbranded and designed for use by those aligning with it, under their own mantles and banners.