Expert Spokespeople

If you would like to interview someone from the OneOcean team about the response room analysis or speak to a scientist or advocacy expert about the need to protect nature in Post COVID-19 recovery please contact

Professor Alex Rogers

Professor of Conservation Biology, Oxford University

30x30, Acidification, Arctic and Antarctic, Climate Breakdown, COP25, Deep ocean, Fisheries, High Seas, Hypoxia, Invasive species, IPCC, Land use impacts on coastal ecosystems, Ocean Resilience, Pollution, Sea level rise, Tourism impacts

Tel: 07927 645546
Language Spoken: English
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: London (GMT+1)

Alice Belin

Senior marine policy officer, Seas At Risk

30x30, Fisheries, Pollution

Tel: +32 4 70 04 82 97
Language Spoken: English, French
Country: Belgium
Timezone: CET (GMT+2)

Andrea Ripol

Fisheries Policy Officer, Seas At Risk


Tel: +32 2 893 09 68
Language Spoken: English, Spanish
Country: Belgium
Timezone: CET (GMT+2)

Ann Dom

Deputy Director, Seas At Risk

Deep ocean, Ocean Resilience

Tel: +32 2893 09 65
Language Spoken: Dutch, English, French
Timezone: Brussels (GMT+2)

Ayaka Amaha Ozturk

Advisor, Turkish Marine Research Foundation

Fisheries, Invasive species, Pollution

Tel: +90-2164240772
Language Spoken: English, Japanase, Turkish
Timezone: (GMT+4)

Bayram Ozturk

Director, Turkish Marine Research Foundation

Arctic and Antarctic, Deep ocean, Fisheries, Invasive species

Tel: +90-2164240772
Language Spoken: English, French, Turkish
Timezone: (GMT+4)

Professor Callum Roberts

Professor of Marine Conservation, Department of Environment and Geography, University of York

Climate Breakdown, IPCC, Ocean Resilience

Tel: +44 1904 324066 (Office) +44 7712 213636 (cell)
Language Spoken: English
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: London (GMT+1)

Carolina Hazin

Global Marine Policy Coordinator, BirdLife International

30x30, High Seas

Tel: +44 7501882439
Language Spoken: English, Portuguese
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: GMT

Charles Clover

Executive Director, Blue Marine Foundation. Author, The End of the Line.

30x30, Fisheries

Tel: +44 20 7845 5849 and +44 1206 323403
Language Spoken: English
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: London (GMT+1)

Claire Christian

Executive Director, Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition

Arctic and Antarctic

Tel: + (office); +1.803.429.6396 (mobile)
Language Spoken: English
Country: United States
Timezone: EST (GMT-5)