Key Activities

17 April, 2024

Earth Day 2024 calls for a 60% reduction in plastic, under the theme “Planet vs Plastic”. The issue of plastic pollution is felt across the globe on land and sea alike. The interconnectedness of our one global ocean means that plastic waste is being transported around the world, both polluting the ocean and washing up on shores far from where it emanated. Over the past three years the “Message in a Bottle” experiment is a stark example of just how far and fast our plastic waste can travel, and seeks to deliver a message to the world that the single plastic use needs to cease.

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23 January, 2024

In the year ahead, the world will witness an “Election Super Year”, with numerous countries hosting elections to determine their future governments. The number of elections in 2024 has the potential to create high turnover in governments and policy, which can heavily influence international collaboration on pressing issues such as climate change and environmental issues – specifically ocean conservation. Leaders elected in the year ahead will have the power to shape policies and partnerships that directly impact the health of our ocean. 

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27 November, 2023

As the 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28) sets sail in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, 2023, the OneOcean Flotilla is gearing up to amplify the urgent call for ocean protection to be at the forefront of climate solutions.

Building on the momentum from COP27, the Flotilla is poised to make waves and ensure that decision-makers #ListenToTheOcean.

Here’s a glimpse into the key asks and outcomes that the ocean community is advocating for at COP28.

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14 September, 2023

The OneOcean Flotilla is encouraged by the level of prioritization towards critical ocean action in the G20 Leaders’ Summit Communiqué released on 11 September by G20 Leaders, following two days of meetings in New Delhi, India. The 37-page Communiqué outlines several key actions to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises, however, to fully safeguard our ocean for current and future generations, significant progress remains. 

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31 August, 2023

The ocean community is calling on G20 leaders to listen to both science and their citizens and recognize the critical importance of a healthy global ocean and resilient marine ecosystems to address climate change and sand biodiversity loss to protect life on our planet.

We therefore call on G20 Leaders to make concrete commitments towards ocean protection at the Summit.

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