Expert Spokespeople

If you would like to interview someone from the OneOcean team about the response room analysis or speak to a scientist or advocacy expert about the need to protect nature in Post COVID-19 recovery please contact

Tony Long

CEO, Global Fishing Watch

Climate Breakdown, COP25, Fisheries

Tel: Contact Sarah Bladen to coordinate: +44 79 20333832
Language Spoken: English
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: London (GMT+1)

Will McCallum

Head of Oceans, Greenpeace UK

30x30, Arctic and Antarctic, Fisheries, High Seas

Tel: +44 7863358686
Language Spoken: English, Farsi
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: London (GMT+1)

Professor William Cheung

Canada Research Chair (Ocean Sustainability and Global Change) Principal Investigator, Changing Ocean Research Unit

30x30, Climate Breakdown, COP25, High Seas, Ocean Resilience

Tel: + 1 604 827 37561 (office) Skype: wai_lung
Language Spoken: English
Country: Canada
Timezone: Pacific Time (GMT-7)