OneOcean Response Room Briefing – AdHoc Mauritius Oil Spill Edition

Date: 27th August 2020

When we paused the briefing for the month of August, we committed to continuing to monitor emerging issues and to making you aware of anything important. We believe that the Mauritius oil spill is an important issue for ocean protection. As such, this media briefing covers the development of the oil spill story in English-language legacy media since 25th July.

In this briefing we will not provide communications recommendations. Instead, we want to direct your support to a  campaign that is being supported by Oceans 5. This effort is supporting marches that will take place in Mauritius this weekend and an associated open letter to the Prime Minister of Mauritius. 

You can find their open letter here. To sign on to the letter or for further information please contact

The social media assets in this briefing support the messages of this campaign.

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#RecoverRestoreProtect and #Mauritius

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Summary of findings

  • Initial lag time between running aground and international coverage
  • Compelling coverage of local community clean-up reaction, transitioned into international response
  • Primary focus of reporting ecological damage and environmental loss
  • Some mention of damage to local livelihoods and tourism industry as consequence.
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