OneOcean Response Room Briefing – Ocean Equity & Justice

Date: 3rd February 2022

Welcome to the OneOcean Response Room deep dive briefing, exploring the topic of equity and justice in the ocean sector. This briefing paper has been prepared in response to the feedback we have received from Flotilla members that equity and justice is an area of increasing focus, and requests for support on communicating in this area. This deep dive briefing seeks to contribute to the discussion on this subject and suggest potential areas of action and further consideration for Flotilla members, particularly following COP26 and looking forward to the 2022 ‘Ocean Super Year’.

The aim of this paper is not to provide definitive answers or concrete recommendations, but rather to present key challenges and opportunities and underpin efforts to mainstream equity and justice in the ocean sector. The deep dive is based on desk research into the growing discussion around ocean equity and justice in scholarly articles, scientific papers, and key reports on this subject produced in the past five years, in order to:

  1. Present an overview of what equity and justice mean in the context of ocean action
  2. Identify key challenges for ocean equity
  3. Offer operational considerations to begin to deal with challenges of ocean equity and justice
  4. Suggest potential areas of action for ocean communication

The full OneOcean Response Room briefing and supporting analysis is available only to Flotilla members. If your organisation is interested in receiving this briefing, is not a member and interested in joining, please email

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