IPCC Climate Report

Date: 9th August 2021

Ocean Factsheet

Tackling climate breakdown and holding warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius as soon as possible is essential if the ecosystem services of the ocean are to survive.

The new IPCC Climate Report, released on Monday 9 August 2021, serves as a stark reminder that we must  #ListenToTheOcean and #ListenToTheScience.

Governments must take urgent ocean climate action to address the loss of habitat, ecosystem and biodiversity in the ocean which undermines its health and resilience to climate breakdown.

Changes to the ocean, including warming, more frequent marine heatwaves, ocean acidification, and reduced oxygen levels have been clearly linked to human influence. These changes affect both ocean ecosystems and the people tat rely on them, and they will continue throughout at least the rest of this century.

We need the ocean to be as resilient to climate change as possible. A strong High Seas Treaty, #30×30 and removing stressors such as overfishing and pollution are immediate ocean climate action Governments can take.

The release of the IPCC Climate Report is an important moment in the lead-up to COP26. The time to #ListenToTheOcean #ListenToTheScience is NOW!

The threats facing our planet are connected. We cannot solve the climate crisis if we ignore the ocean. To turn the tide in favor of humanity and a habitable planet we need to better understand the ocean, value it, and prioritize urgent action to protect it at the Earthscape level.

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