Monthly Ocean Science Roundup – October 2021

Date: 5th November 2021

This issue explores:

  • Warming events projected to become more frequent and last longer across Antarctica
  • Marine high temperature extremes amplify the impacts of climate change on fish and fisheries
  • Extreme sea levels at different global warming levels

Welcome to the October 2021 issue of the OneOcean Science Mailout. 

In this edition we’re bringing you three new papers underlining the importance of the nexus between the ocean and climate change. Ocean action is essential for COP26 climate goals to be achieved.

The ocean regulates our climate and buffers us from the full force of climate change by absorbing our excess heat and over a third of our CO2 emissions. By integrating ocean action into climate action, we can protect its ability to protect us.

Help amplify this message! The content and information within this #ListenToTheOcean COP26 toolkit is designed to demonstrate public support for ocean climate action during COP26.

Find out more at and by following #OneOceanOnePlanet.

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