Blue Economy Round Table

Date: 20th March 2023

Fishing: Challenges and Opportunities for the Ocean

Monaco Ocean Week – Please join the MERI Foundation, Centre Scientifique de Monaco and Monaco Ocean Week 2023 for a two-day round table discussion on the conditions responsible for an economic, social, political and environmental approach to fishing.

First Blue Economy Round Table: Tuesday, March 21st / 08:00AM – 07:30PM

Second Blue Economy Round Table: Wednesday, March 22nd / 08:30AM – 07:30PM

Location: Bureu Hidrographique International de Monaco

The aim of the round table is to establish the methods for the sustainable management of resources and the means of mitigation to be implemented to limit losses and restore biodiversity. Five topics have been selected for a multidisciplinary and transversal approach to this issue, each belonging to different dimensions:

  • Environmental/ecological dimension: Overfishing and the effects on biodiversity. Role of Subsidies and Marine Ecosystem Services.
  • Public policy dimension: Ocean Literacy : how to fill the gaps in the common understanding of the oceans by decision makers.
  • Public policy /governance dimension : Marine Protected Areas: a tool for controlling and conserving biomass. Solutions and governance.
  • Economic Dimension: Towards a sustainable economy taking into account marine ecosystem services.
  • Economic /financial Dimension: Financial markets and investments in biodiversity.

At the end of the Round Table, work will be held to establish a strategic orientation document for the attention of political decision-makers and international, private and public organizations.

This report will be presented at COP 28 (Dubai, 30 November/12 December 2023) and at COP 16 on biodiversity (Turkey 2024

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