Monthly Ocean Science Roundup – June 2020

Date: 2nd July 2020

This issue explores:

  • Rights of Nature: Perspectives for Global Ocean Stewardship
  • Climate velocity reveals increasing exposure of deep-ocean biodiversity to future warming
  • Coral reef islands can accrete vertically in response to sea level rise

Welcome to the June 2020 issue of the OneOcean Science Mailout. We hope everyone is staying safe during these difficult times. Despite many of us being in some form of lockdown due to COVID-19, communicating the importance of Blue Nature and the ocean continues to be desirable and effective.

Over the past month, economic recovery has dominated social and media coverage at the ocean, COVID-19 and environment intersection. The OneOcean team has found that the volume of ocean coverage in the data collected for the latest briefing was particularly low and encourages organisations to proactively promote and pitch to legacy media to ensure that the ocean remains on the agenda in this vital period, both stories that tale a COVID-19 lens and standalone science pieces.

The briefing also recommends communications that encourage people that a better world is still achievable, but reinforces it will demand perseverance, action and standing strong in the face of multiple challenges. 

This week we’re bringing you three recent publications around global ocean stewardship, ocean heating and its impact on deep-ocean biodiversity, and coral reef islands and their adaptation strategies to rising sea levels. 

If you have seen any positive and remarkable examples of Blue Nature rebounding since the COVID-19 lockdown, please do send them to:

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