Monthly Ocean Science Roundup – November 2023

Date: 30th November 2023

Welcome to the November 2023 issue of the OneOcean Science Mailout.

 As we approach COP28 we bring you a selection of papers from the last month highlighting the impact of climate change on the ocean. From record breaking ocean temperatures to inevitable melting of the west Antarctic, these studies emphasise the urgency of governments taking immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent catastrophic and irreversible impacts on the ocean, that will be felt across the planet.

Ahead of COP28, the Roadmap to Ocean and Climate Action (ROCA) Initiative Report has also officially been released. You can view the full report here, which aims to provide multidisciplinary updates on various sectoral and stakeholder initiatives in science, policy development, financing, capacity development and other cross-cutting efforts on ocean and climate action. The analysis within the report is helpful in advancing more robust efforts toward integrating the ocean into various program streams of the UNFCCC and contains key information for Party negotiators and non-Party stakeholders. 

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