Top Ocean Asks for COP28 and Ocean Communications Highlights

Date: 27th November 2023

As the 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28) sets sail in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, 2023, the OneOcean Flotilla is gearing up to amplify the urgent call for ocean protection to be at the forefront of climate solutions.

Building on the momentum from COP27, the Flotilla is poised to make waves and ensure that decision-makers #ListenToTheOcean.

Here’s a glimpse into the key asks and outcomes that the ocean community is advocating for at COP28.

Key Asks & Outcomes for COP28

  1. Increase the integration and inclusion of the ocean into the Global Stocktake outcomes.
  2. Support and endorse the Ocean Breakthroughs as a roadmap to raise ambition.
  3. Recognise the conclusions of the 2023 Ocean and Climate Dialogues.

4 Ways to Get Involved

COP28 Toolkit - Flotilla

Ocean Communications Spotlight at COP28

In addition to advocating for key ocean asks at COP28, the OneOcean Flotilla is thrilled to highlight pivotal Ocean Communications Events taking place during the conference.

These events serve as platforms for fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and raising awareness about the critical link between ocean and climate action.

Kicking off with the COP28 Opening Event on November 30, organized by the Global Ocean Forum and Plymouth Marine Laboratory, this high-level virtual gathering will emphasize the importance of integrated and ecosystem-based approaches.

Other notable events include “Scaling Ocean Literacy By 2030” on December 1, shedding light on educating future generations for climate action, and “Revolutionizing Ocean Education” on December 8, focusing on inclusive climate education for youth on the autism spectrum.

Furthermore, “The Ocean and Climate: What Makes Good Storytelling?” on December 11, organized by The Pulitzer Center, will explore the power of storytelling in conveying the urgency of ocean protection and its connection to UN climate goals.

The Flotilla encourages engagement with these events to amplify the ocean’s voice in the global climate conversation. For more details and registration information, visit the event web pages.

COP28 Ocean Communications Events Details

COP28 Opening Event: Integrating Ocean and Climate Action

3:00:00 PM GST – 11/30/2023

This high-level virtual event will provide the argument and rationale for increasing coordination and collaboration among ocean-climate initiatives through integrated and ecosystem-based approaches, as well as present illustrative cases that underscore, promote, and share lessons learned from these practices.
Event Organizer: Global Ocean Forum, Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Event Contact, Email: Sarah Davidson,
Location: Virtual Ocean Pavilion
Web Link:
Registration link:

Scaling Ocean Literacy By 2030: How Do We Train and Educate the Next Generations for Climate Action?

12:30:00 PM GST – 12/1/2023

Education is an essential tool to build a shared commitment to protect our ocean. Panelists from IFREMER and the Office for Climate Education will share lessons from their work to increase ocean literacy in France and around the world. Speakers will share inputs and evidence-based outcomes for shaping future ocean education initiatives, policies, and strategies that address long term capacity building within the formal and informal education sectors.
Event Organizer: Office for Climate Education/Ifremer
Event Contact, Email: Dijan Sadadou,
Location: Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone

Revolutionizing Ocean Education: Initiating Ocean Literacy for Youth on the Spectrum of Autism

11:30:00 AM GST – 12/8/2023

Creating waves to accelerate accessible climate education in the MENA region and beyond: Empowering youth on the spectrum to take ocean-based action whilst fostering inclusivity in policy-making processes for a sustainable blue future. Speakers: Dana Ahmed, Dr. Hakam Abu Al-Khair, Mark Terry, Students on the autism spectrum from UAE schools, Activists for ocean education rights, Al Jalilah Hospital Psychiatrists, experts from the education and ocean sector.
Event Organizer: Youth Climate Report (YCR), Climate Generation
Event Contact, Email: Dana Ahmed, Kristen Poppleton,,
Location:SE Room 2

The Ocean and Climate: What Makes Good Storytelling?

11:00:00 AM GST – 12/11/2023

Ocean protection is fundamental to achieving UN climate goals. How can the media, scientists, policymakers and NGOs collaborate to build understanding of this connection and the processes that threaten dependent ecosystems, species and communities? This event will bring together experts to explore the ingredients of a valuable ocean-climate story, how to ensure it will have an impact, the power of reporting networks, and the value of understanding and engaging with your audience.
Event Organizer: The Pulitzer Center
Event Contact, Email: Jessica Aldred,
Location: Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone
Web Link:

COP28 is a pivotal moment for the OneOcean Flotilla to build on the progress achieved at COP27 and propel ocean protection to the forefront of global climate action. By calling on decision-makers to integrate the ocean into key processes, endorsing Ocean Breakthroughs, and recognizing the outcomes of the Ocean and Climate Dialogue, the Flotilla aims to secure a sustainable and resilient future where the ocean is not just heard but integral to the solutions we seek.

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