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23 July, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has not changed what we are working towards for the ocean, but it has necessarily changed the way that we communicate. Through weekly (and subsequently fortnightly) legacy and social media monitoring, we have regularly provided the OneOcean flotilla with recommendations on how to communicate sensitively and effectively in this period. Although some of our guidance has changed in response to the shifting communications landscape, some key recommendations hold true. These are summarised below.

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8 July, 2020

Is it going to be same old paradigm, or will the media adopt new frames for a changed world?

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A ‘new normal’ will need new paradigms, narratives and lenses to reflect what is happening. Will ‘jobs vs environment’ be a legitimate way to explore the challenge of rebuilding economies when, in reality, we don’t have a choice but to preserve the planet we inhabit?

Can we really decouple planetary health from economic recovery and present it as a choice – planet or people?

If we really are going to be and do different, we need to communicate in different ways. People and Planet; jobs and nature; growth and environment.

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17 October, 2019

Ocean literacy is key to understanding and protecting our planet. There is only one ocean and our language should reflect this. Will you join us and #droptheS?