Key Activities

21 August, 2021

Beach cleaner locates and recovers France – one of the seven tracking devices monitoring how plastic moves across the ocean

On the morning of August 17th, France became the sixth of our seven tracking devices released during the UK G7 Summit to beach on shore. Having narrowly avoided the French coast for a number of days, it finally beached on the North West Coast of Guernsey.

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9 August, 2021

Ocean Factsheet

Tackling climate breakdown and holding warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius as soon as possible is essential if the ecosystem services of the ocean are to survive.

The new IPCC Climate Report, released on Monday 9 August 2021, serves as a stark reminder that we must  #ListenToTheOcean and #ListenToTheScience.

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19 April, 2021

This briefing covers conversation on social media and legacy media, generated by the documentary Seaspiracy. Data collection took place from 20th March to 13th April (beginning a few days before the official documentary launch).
This briefing tracks the evolution of the conversation through social media and online English language legacy media, through a communications lens. This analysis of the conversation has formed the basis for our evolving communication recommendations. The analysis does not offer a deep dive into specific issues of controversy in the documentary’s content, however it does include links to several articles that do this.

This briefing includes:

  1. Our communications recommendations
  2. Our view of Seaspiracy as a communications product
  3. Social media and news coverage analysis.

The full OneOcean Response Room weekly briefing and supporting analysis is available only to Flotilla members. If your organisation is interested in receiving this briefing, is not a member and interested in joining, click here or please email

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